Radio Show!

2016-09-19 00:59:11 by WAConline

Check out my new radio show!

Hello Newgrounds! 

My name is WAConline! 

A.k.a Troll

A.K.A The Talker

A.k.a The annoying faggot

A.k.a the crazy guy!!! :D

I'm here for all your important needs! Whether you need some professional advice or opinions, or a friend, or someone to speak your mind to about personal issue and solutions! I also specialize in sound designing, hiring actors, reviewing and editing demo reels, and creating wonderful story elements you can use for your story or dumb creations! :D I'm also good at trash talking and annoying people. Got someone that is annoying the crap out of you? I'll get rid of him in a heartbeat with my annoying ways! :D

Just message me and i'll answer your problems and help you out with the best of my abilities! I also work on youtube channels, and cool professional projects too. My services are free! so feel free to message me for anything important or to share your stuff for your important projects, I'll also be a good reference for you. ^_^

Just give me a Call and WAC will be on the case faster than Flash's speedforce... By the way that was a DC comic reference.

(Note* WAConline will not help anyone associated with Pedophilla.)






YAY! I get unbanned in 5 more hours!!


5696669_146466061462_bannedlol.jpgGot banned for being cool and for singing the Batman Theme song. :3

We got 4th place!

2016-03-01 17:21:07 by WAConline

That is good news!!! I will tell everyone about the good news. We will do more stuff on the Fisheye Placebo dub but for now we are just thinking guys.

I hope Yuumei will be please to hear that her work got 4th place.



2016-02-29 03:57:22 by WAConline


I am William Sir Jellybean! :D

How do you guys do! :D